Looking for a field trip destination that is a

great combination of FUN & FITNESS? 

We are the right place, for just the right price




2 hour, 50-74 students: $350.00

2.5 hours, 50-74 students: $400.00 


2 hours, 75 or more: $4.50 per student

2.5 hours, 75 or more: $5.00 per student

3 hours, 75 or more: $5.50 per student  


4 hours, 100 or mote, $6.00 per student

(please call for available times and dates)

How does it work?

Field Trips are private events, so only your students will be allowed into our facility. 


When your students arrive, we will walk them to an assigned table where shoe buckets will be located. We ask that all skaters take off their shoes, look at their shoe sizes, and place them into the bucket provided for storage. Once we go over our rules for the skating floor, we will call each table one by one to get skates. To speed up the process,  campers must know their shoe size before going to the skate counter

Children wearing a toddler size 11 or below are asked to stay seated at their table with their shoes on, and we will bring kiddie skates. Kiddie skates must go on over shoes.

Skate assistants/walkers will be available at no extra cost for your students to use. 



You are welcome to bring SCHOOL bagged lunches for your students. 


However, we do offer the following lunch specials. 

 $3.00 includes:

  • 1 Large slice of  pepperoni pizza and a 20oz. fountain drink

 $4.00 includes:

  • 2 large slices of pepperoni pizza and a 20oz. fountain drink

Lunch specials must be ordered one day in advance.