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Rules & Policies

Please read before coming to our facility

Airline Skate Center, Inc. does not have accident insurance. This means that we cannot be responsible for any medical expenses you might incur if you are involved in a skating accident. When you purchase your admission ticket you are acknowledging the assumption of risk that skating accidents do occur when groups of people roller skate together. Follow these rules to ensure a fun, safe skating sessions. Please skate carefully and safely!

General Rules

Neatness and cleanliness of appearance should be consistent with the quality of the facilities we offer. We strive to provide a nice facility—one you can be proud to patronize. Please abide by the following rules when in the confines of Airline Skate Center, Inc. If you do not abide by the posted rules, you will be removed from the premises without refund.

  • We accept cash only, but we do provide an ATM inside the building.

  • Do not leave belongings unattended. We provide metal lockers on the side aisle for 50¢ to keep your things safe.

  • Alcohol, chewing gum, chewing tobacco, weapons, wallet chains, and hats are not allowed inside the building. Please leave all these items at home or in your car when attending Airline Skate Center, Inc.

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the bulding.

  • Loitering, rough-housing and horseplay are not allowed inside the building nor in the parking lot.

  • No outside food or drinks are allowed in the building.

  • Cakes are not allowed inside the building unless you have a reserved party with us.

  • Skaters are welcome to bring their own skates, but Heelies are not allowed on the skating floor.

  • Do not carry children while you are wearing skates for any reason.

Skating Floor Rules

  • Food and drinks are not allowed on the skating floors.

  • You are not allowed to eat or drink over the blue walls while you are skating on the skating floor. If you get hungry or thirsty, please exit off of the skating floor.

  • No headgear is allowed on the skating floor. This includes sunglasses, party caps/tiaras, baseball caps, do-rags, visors, and wigs.

  • You must have skates on in order to be on the large skating floor.

  • Do not open the exit doors along the skating floor. These doors are for emergency use only.

  • Do not sit on, climb over, or sit children on the blue walls.

  • Do not stop along the blue walls for any reason while you are on the skating floor. Please keep moving at all times while you are on the skating floor.

  • Chains, trains, and whips are not allowed on the skating floor.

  • If you fall and are not seriously injured, please get up as quickly as possible. If you are injured, please wait for a Floor Guard to assist you.

  • If someone else falls, do not crowd the individual. Please alert the Floor Guard on duty and continue skating.

  • Make sure your laces are tied before getting onto the skating floor. Skating with untied laces can be very dangerous for you and everyone around you. Parents, please make sure your children have their laces tied before skating onto the skating floor.

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